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A Cloud-Based solution

QSIDental Web encompasses the latest Web-based technology to provide you with tools to more efficiently manage your practice.

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a software delivery model in which associated data are hosted centrally in the cloud and are normally accessed using a Web browser over the Internet.

See demos of Practice Management and Clinical Charting

QSIDental Web Demo: Practice Management

QSIDental Web Demo: Clinical Features

Easy-to-use Dashboard Management

Jack Castle, CEO of Lovett Dental describes how the dashboard tool gives him the ability to better manage the enterprise.

Key Advantages

  • Reduced upfront costs
  • Lower total cost of ownership.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to application and data.
  • The application is highly intuitive making training much easier.
  • Mobile access.
  • Greater data security.
  • Rapidly deployed and easily scalable.
  • Designed for multi-specialty, multi-location practices.
  • Advanced clinical functionality.

Patient Management

QSIDental Web helps you better manage your patients' records:

  • Online patient registration.
  • Configurable and customizable user profiles for better data control.
  • One patient chart available at all locations and available remotely.
  • Patient overview at a glance.
  • Supports multiple last names and guarantors.
  • Customizable user interface for setting up shortcuts for common features.
  • Advanced graphical, clinical charting.

Clinical Functionality – New and Enhanced!

QSIDental Web helps you provide better treatment planning:

  • Easy entry for conditions and treatments in a graphical chart.
  • View existing, planned and completed treatments.
  • Ability to view history by tooth number or sections/regions of the mouth.
  • Ability to customize palettes for different users.
  • Provides a summary detail of chart activity.
  • Dentition can be set as primary, permanent or mixed.
  • Create consistent, comprehensive notes with prepared fill-in-the-blank SmartNotes.
  • Chart filters: practice standard or customizable, user-defined.
  • Documents and images can be created and attached to patients' charts.
  • Perio charting: compare clinical measurements over multiple exams.
  • Input perio data findings using voice recognition.
  • View graphical representation of exam findings.


QSIDental Web makes it easier to create, view and manage appointments:

  • Schedule appointments for any office location from any location within the enterprise.
  • Block out provider's preferred production times.
  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of all appointment-related activities at one, some, or all of your locations.
  • Change patient appointment status as patients travel through their visit; no more flags on doors or paging systems needed.
  • Users can create their own schedule view; look at one or two provider schedules or all 20.


QSIDental Web takes the confusion out of patient eligibility and fee schedules:

  • Connect in real time to payers for patient eligibility.
  • Easily create low cost e-claims.
  • Manage an unlimited number of fee schedules and various payment methodologies, whether that be percentage of fees, fixed fees, or combined.
  • Simplify all aspects of capitation - copayments, non-covered services, upgraded services, specialty services, and supplemental payments.


QSIDental Web coordinates numerous specialties and processes:

  • Manage all dental specialties - including orthodontics.
  • Maintain multiple provider fee schedules across multiple insurance plans.
  • Process multiple patient payment and finance schedules simultaneously and consolidate them into a single ledger and statement.


QSIDental Web manages fee schedules and payments in one convenient Web-based location.

  • Flexible and customizable to any type of organizational reporting structure: national, regional, state, local, etc.
  • Accommodates all activities required for a centralized business office and/or centralized call center.
  • Centralized data in one location - eliminating the need to input the same data multiple times and enabling data access instantaneously across the entire organization.


The patient management system gives the user control:

  • Rapidly scale to your needs without the costly IT infrastructure.
  • Import and export data easily to third-party applications.
  • Transfer data quickly to other corporate applications.

24/7/365 Support

QSIDental Web Customer Support is conveniently available online.
Connect to the support you need — 24/7/365.

  • Experienced U.S.-based support.
  • Response is based on the priority you assign.
  • Dedicated Field Service Representative is assigned to each client.

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