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  • What is cloud computing?

    Cloud computing means the user is storing data on a remote server as opposed to a physical onsite server. Online banking and job application portals like Monster®, Taleo™ and our product, QSIDental Web, use this IT model to save you costly expenses related to hardware, upgrades and repair. Moving information to the cloud (remote servers) provides the means to manage workflow more efficiently and provide greater access to information via any Web-enabled device. Data backups are no longer necessary.

  • How does Software as a Service (SaaS) work in a dental practice?

    SaaS allows a dental practice to centralize the hosting of business applications – a practice management system – to increase efficiencies. This dental practice management system like QSIDental Web provides a proven product that can cut down on administrative time, and streamline processes and reporting. By moving patient information to the cloud, your practice will achieve improved accuracy in patient information (patient information can be loaded directly into the database as opposed to deciphering handwritten information). Online registration reduces IT costs by removing the need for an onsite server and associated maintenance fees and upgrades. Users have the flexibility to access patient information anytime, anywhere via any Web-enabled device.

  • How much does QSIDental Web cost?

    The cost of our product depends on your unique situation. Please give us a call at 1(800)888-7955 to speak with a sales representative to calculate your costs.

  • How safe is my data in the cloud?

    Many business applications store information in the cloud. Think about when you do your online banking or apply for a job online. Both of these instances save your information in the "cloud" so that you can access it anytime, anywhere from a Web-enabled device.

  • What happens to my paper files and charts?

    We offer a conversion service to turn all of your hard copies into electronic files that can then be stored in the cloud.

  • What about the current software we are using? What about the various hardware devices we are using? How do I know QSIDental Web will work with them?

    Our in-house customer support will be able to help you in determining how your current devices and software will work with QSIDental Web.

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