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How do you maximize the quality of dental care, patient experience
and group practice efficiency quickly and cost effectively? Move your
practice to the cloud with QSIDental Web.

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Software as a Service (SaaS) refers to computer applications delivered online via the Internet, also known as "cloud" applications. SaaS solutions provide business applications to end users without the need for costly network infrastructure and hardware. You can access the application through any PC or Web-enabled device with a Web browser. By moving to the cloud, you can eliminate many of the costs associated with IT, hardware and upgrades for a client-server application.

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QSIDental Web Web-based practice management software allows you to:

  • Securely access client records, data and information with a mouse click or with a smartphone.
  • Enjoy on-demand, anytime, anywhere accessibility via the Internet.
  • Achieve HIPAA compliance, thereby reducing potential liability.
  • Provide patients the opportunity to register online.
  • Enables real-time eligibility.

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QSIDental Web
SSL/TLS encryption
VeriSign Certificate Authority
Secure and Redundant Data Center
Intrusion Detection/Protection System

Physical Security
Anti-virus Protection

Accurate and Secure Records

In a SaaS environment, your software and data are stored on secure remote servers which provide 24/7/365 access from anywhere using the Internet. Server redundancy and the latest security measures mean your data is safe with us. The community of SaaS applications is rapidly expanding and includes popular solutions such as Google, Salesforce®, Facebook, Mint, Taleo™, and QSIDental's QSIDental Web.

We employ the latest in online security technology to ensure your data is safe. Our methods to safely store your data include: SSL/TLS encryption, VeriSign Certificate Authority, redundant data processing, firewall, intrusion detection/protection system and anti-virus protection, among others. We use the same security features that other Web-based applications utilize.

Features Designed for Dentists

Online registration

Online registration provides for increased patient convenience. Online data entry provides a more accurate record. The data is securely imported to the QSIDental Web database.

Patient Record

A shared patient record across multiple office locations and access to those records via Web-enabled devices provides improved efficiency for your practice with QSIDental Web. No more duplicate charts. Easy search criteria helps the user find information faster. The patient photo option helps dentists remember the patient more easily.

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QSIDental Web allows you the flexibility of accepting a variety of payment options. Credit and debit card payments are electronically posted directly to the ledger. No double data entry.

Digital Charting

The graphical clinical charting feature available in QSIDental Web makes it easier to directly input a patient's electronic dental record into the patient's electronic health record. Digital imaging and the electronic patient signature on patient documents are fully supported.

2,200 group practice customers nationwide

QSIDental Heritage

Since 1978 QSIDental has been at the forefront of innovation in the healthcare industry. We are the only vendor who, for more than 30 years, has consistently implemented and supported dental practice organizations that manage 100 or more clinical practice locations per single practice entity.

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